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What the heck was Desmond doing on that plane? Any idea where the Lost powers that be are going with this? ΓÇö Nora
MICKEY: I have some idea. If you’ll recall, our friend Des has certain abilities that can supersede the time-space continuum. Is he really on that plane? When we pumped Henry Ian Cusick for scoop at the premiere in Hawaii, he would only say that off the island, Desmond is not happy. “The motivation has always been to get to Penny, and now he’s got something slightly different. It’s not about him, he’s being more selfless. He’s trying to help everyone,” Cusick says

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Episode 6.04 – The Substitute – Official Press Release

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ΓÇ£The SubstituteΓÇ¥ ΓÇô Locke goes in search of help to further his cause, on ΓÇ£Lost,ΓÇ¥ TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 16 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

ΓÇ£LostΓÇ¥ stars Naveen Andrews as Sayid, Nestor Carbonell as Richard Alpert, Emilie de Ravin as Claire, Michael Emerson as Ben, Jeff Fahey as Frank Lapidus, Matthew Fox as Jack, Jorge Garcia as Hurley, Josh Holloway as Sawyer, Daniel Dae Kim as Jin, Yunjin Kim as Sun, Ken Leung as Miles, Evangeline Lilly as Kate, Terry OΓÇÖQuinn as Locke and Zuleikha Robinson as Ilana.

Guest starring are L. Scott Caldwell as Rose, Katey Sagal as Helen, Billy Ray Gallion as Randy, Suzanne Krull as Lynn Karnoff, Kenton Duty as teenage boy, Eddie L. Cavett as courier and Joshua Smith as school kid.

ΓÇ£The SubstituteΓÇ¥ was written by Elizabeth Sarnoff & Melinda Hsu Taylor and directed by Tucker Gates.

Source: ABC